Quick Tip More Doctors Recommending Exercise

“Nearly 33 percent of adults who saw a doctor in the previous year said they were told to exercise. That was up from about 23 percent in 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.” According to fox news today. This is good new since all chiropractors know that motion leads to health and happiness.

Some important rules for new exercise programs. Start slow don’t over do it, this is the quickest way to kill a workout routine.  You should walk 5 minutes the first day not 1 hour and build to it slowly over 2-3 weeks, or use light weights to start. Find a routine that excites you or a workout partner who can keep you focused. Consider core strengthening and cardiovascular as the most important activities followed by flexibility. Finally read our blog on exercise mistakes.

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By: Paul R. Mahler DC
may be reproduced in whole only

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