I’m here to tell you the power that created the body can heal the body: It is time for us to all be responsible


I’m here to tell you the power that created the body can heal the body. What does this mean currently for our country and our world? It means that regardless of what’s going on around us, you are powerful, you are in control, and you are responsible. I intend to explain all three of these.

What do I mean by you are powerful? It means life is between you and Universal intelligent and innate intelligence. In the Universal intelligence there is a power there is a design that puts you in control of your health, your well-being, and your happiness. No other individual group or government has control over that and with that comes great power, and as always with great power comes great responsibility which will be explained later. What does this mean in a practical sense you have a beautiful working body and if you keep it healthy and strong, your immune system working and all your other systems functioning correctly including your nervous system your digestive system your musculoskeletal system you can fight off many of the day today infectious diseases that come around. This means that the power is yours and not anyone else’s and once you realize this it’s alleviates much of your fear. Do I mean to say that there are things that aren’t dangerous out there that you will come across that will challenge your power and your abilities and, in some cases, unfortunately overwhelm them no. What I do mean to say is that for most people in most situations you are going to be fine and you do not need to fear! Do you need to take precautions, yes? Do you need to be responsible, yes? Fear should not be part of this equation Fear should not allow you to give over your power and your rights to other people. If you read how the immune system functions it is a beautiful system that is designed to take out initial attackers with what are often called symptoms a cough, a fever, or runny nose. That is why these are so common in so many diseases. Then after your body’s has had time antibodies are formed that directly attack the specific foreign body or disease inside of you. The way it works is awesome and beautiful and Powerful. I am in no way saying that you should not take precautions. Sometimes the amount of a contagion that you’re exposed to may not cause for greater symptomatology and greater problems. But what that does mean for most of us is, if we’re out and about and we have mild exposures that we will be fine we will heal and ultimately be immune to that specific attacker. I am not discounting that there are people that are more likely to have problems in this time with different contagions but contagions are going to come and go there are going to be other contagions and we are going to have to confront them as a society. The real question is how we want to confront them and do we want to give up our freedoms, our power, and our rights to do that. I suggest that if we are all responsible and do what we need to and take personal responsibility and cherish our personal power. We do not need to give up our rights, just act responsibly with our power. I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for so many years, but I truly believe this I truly believe that the power is ours as individuals and belongs to no group. I don’t care if you’re a democrat, republican, an independent or a green party member the power is yours not theirs.

Now I’ve explained why you have the power with this power come control, that means we should have the right to control how we behave, where we go, and when we go but this needs to be done with responsibility. I am no way advocating irresponsibility. As I see it the only responsibilities our government have during this outbreak are to make sure the hospitals are not overwhelmed and in that they have succeeded, and I applaud them. But it is time now for the people to take the control back. The control that belonged to them from the beginning. I am not discounting that there are still places that are struggling badly in this environment and maybe just maybe we should still have stronger measures in these areas, like outside of New York and New Jersey Philadelphia and Chicago. On the flip-side a lot of these places are different than where most Americans live people live on top of each other people get in elevators and ride mass transportation and by choosing to live in those areas you must give up some of your control but that doesn’t mean it’s still isn’t your control. But for the rest of the country where hospitals don’t have enough patience to fill the beds doctors aren’t working where businesses are floundering because they’re closed, because they’re being treated under the same model as other places that are completely different, it is time to give the power back to the people. Power comes in the form of information and reasonable recommendations from our leaders. Do I suggest that everybody goes out to a football game now or goes out and has a giant party No by no means are we ready for that at this time just like we wouldn’t be ready for that in the middle of a bad flu season. God forbid if we ever had an outbreak of one of the major plagues from the Dark Ages again. No, it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison I’m not comparing the disease to each other what I’m doing is trying to compare behaviors that’s different than saying the diseases are the same they are not. But all require precautions even if they are different precautions for each. They all require levels of personal responsibility. Currently in our great country I believe that social distancing is appropriate in the stores and if a store want to require masks, I applaud them. If people do not want to go into facilities that does not require masks, I applaud them this this is your power and responsibility. I agree that there are those people that are more susceptible than are more likely to die this is a conversation you should have with your physician based on your health conditions. If you are one of these people I would suggest and strongly recommend higher precautions for you. But at the same time, we are all responsible for ourselves does that mean that there should be no government involvement no. But the level of overreach is incredible and the fact that people expect the federal government to make them financially whole is inconceivable. I would applaud the attempt at low interest loans that can be paid back over a long period of time, but we are responsible they should be paid back, after all it is our money and our tax dollars. This would help to make sure small businesses can reopen their doors when this is all over.  Small amounts of money to help people get through this may be in the form of tax breaks or in incentive checks, fine but this should be a short-lived thing and those checks should already be on their way and should be helping people now. The long-term solution from the government financially would be to make whole those people who are compromised as determined by their doctors and themselves they should be able to apply for assistance just like unemployment for longer periods of time so they can stay out of the workforce and stay safe for three, six, or more months as appropriate. Many of these people are retirees and if we keep our economy strong, they don’t even need to be made whole because the stock market would come back, and their retirements would be saved. So, we have the control not the federal government, state government or local governments. This is power we give to them not the other way around. We expect them to use it responsibly. for example, certain situations where hospitals are being overwhelmed, I applied where they have stepped in, but then the power of decision and personal choose needs to return to the people as the situation improves, most of whom want to and will act responsibly when given the correct information and facts.

The responsibility lies with us because yes, we are responsible helping minimize the exposure of people who are compromised. I believe that our immune systems can handle this infection for most people and unfortunately the more people who get it the quicker this pandemic will die out. But this is a delicate balance we must get this pandemic under control and allow it to die out but not sacrifice more people than necessary. Yes, I say more people than necessary in my mind one death is too many but unfortunately death is a part of life and people will die from many causes not just a Coronavirus. I hate to see anyone die, I mourn for them and for those who have lost people and I feel compassion. Unfortunately, viruses and infections are an inevitability and some people are going to die from them. I don’t mean to sound callous; it is an unfortunate reality of life. That’s where our wonderful varied belief systems come in to help use cope with what comes after death. But we are responsible to these people to try and keep as many of them alive now as possible without sacrificing our rights and our power. But the immune compromised are also responsible for themselves, lets never forget that.

So now the question is how do we move forward as a society if we keep moving down the path of closures and Draconian measures that we are in starting now we will give up all our rights and all our power to a centralized federal government and I think our Founding Fathers would be appalled. I believe the power needs to be given back to the states and the local communities to make the decisions that are appropriate for them the federal government’s responsibilities is to give us accurate information, supply us with ventilators when needed, and open up field hospitals where needed, as well as to support the states and local governments and economies as they get back on their feet. If New York City feels it needs to be shut down for now I can see that from the numbers coming out of New York if the information is good as well as accurate and honest. Certainly, States like Montana could probably be opened as a state, and their areas of Pennsylvania that could be opened. Maybe not Philadelphia maybe not Pittsburgh. It is time to start thinking of this power as ours and not theirs to take control and responsibility for both our actions and our outcomes and not expect somebody else to save us! The power to save us is ours and we need to own up to that and by owning up to that we become powerful, we become free, we become happy, and we live outside of fear. It is time to live outside of fear. Let’s living in strength not in fear and be strong as a community help our neighbors help our loved ones and we will get through this.

I’m tired of being silent I’ve been silent for many years. These are my beliefs I’ve been afraid to express, but these are the truths as I see them and I’m tired of not speaking them and at this point I am ready to speak to it and shut them from the roofs. I wish everyone to be safe happy and come out of the other side unscathed unfortunately some of us will not come out unscathed. It is time that we live a life of strength and happiness and not a life of fear. Let’s acknowledge we are powerful, and the body and systems are well designed to withstand the attacks thrown at it. let’s move on as a country as a nation and is a world. This will happen again and how we approach it will Define us as a society. I I feel that we are one of the greatest societies ever and should continue as such and I only speak these words because I want everybody to be happy healthy and safe. I don’t believe we can do that by seceding all our power and all our control to someone else.


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