Our Mission

Chiropractic in the Wyoming Valley
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As a chiropractor it is my mission to love everyone I see today, and share the chiropractic message with everyone. It is my duty to help every one i meet today to become subluxation free. I will share the truth of chiropractic and will not fear rejection or ridicule.

I will remove subluxation from everyone I treat today. Chiropractors are the experts in removing and reducing subluxations. I will allow the power within to heal everyone I meet today without exception or prejudice.  I know that everyone I treat today will live a better and healthier life.

I ask for the strength to serve and improve the lives of those who come to see me today and for those I will meet in the future. I ask for ability to love everyone fully and treat them with respect and professionalism  I ask for the innate ability and wisdom to treat every subluxation and patient I lay my hands on Today. I ask for the wisdom and strength to educated others about chiropractic so that Today, they may share in truth of chiropractic and allow them to share the message with others.

I serve God by serving others and using the gift of chiropractic, today.

Today I am a chiropractor and a healer.

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