How to move forward as a Country: #COVID-19

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Okay, it’s time to be clear I’m not going to be discussing what has been done in the past we can all admit that some mistakes have been made and some bold moves have been taken and only history will tell us which of those are which. It is time for us to come together as Americans and decide how and when this country needs to open because we all agree it cannot stay shut forever. One death is always one death too many and caution needs to be taken but at the same time we need to look at some of the numbers and actually analyze them rational and calmly and make these decisions as Americans because we love America. We can all agree that I’m not going to say nobody, but nobody might be accurate, wants anyone to die and nobody is making decisions because they want to see people dead. We need to stay calm Collective and make rational decisions based on the facts as we see them on the ground at this time. Yes, further mistakes will be made, and bold actions will be taking, some will be right, and some will be wrong, but only history will tell us which those are. This is not a political diatribe and I do not want anyone to take it that way. I am not supporting one group over the other I am supporting people in general. 


I believe that there is a large segment of the population and again I stress I believe that is going to get this virus and it appears they’re going to be just fine. Are they are going to have immunity and then not be able to spread this virus to anyone else! No matter when we open the country people are going to be exposed, we are not going to be able to mitigate this virus to the point where it is not a factor in daily life. But at the same time as a free Society we need to get back to the principles that make us great those of individual choices and personal responsibility, and I stress responsibility. Keep in mind as you’re out there whether you’re out there doing essential life-sustaining activities or things are opening there is a vulnerable segment of the population that does need to be protected. Those are the elderly people with pre-existing conditions people with compromised immune systems, people on chemo, or other cancer therapies people who had transplants, Respiratory symptoms, and the list goes on and on. If you think you are one of these people have a discussion with your doctor on whether you are and how to best protect yourself. On the other hand there are people who are being devastated by the shutdown itself, alcoholics who aren’t getting what they need in regular society and may go to the dark places of society to get what they need and wind up dead there are people who are sitting at home alone who may be depressed there people who may not be getting the appropriate medical attention because they’re afraid to go in to see their doctor. These also things that need to be weighed when we decide how to go forward as a society. 


It is important to also remember the things such as proper hygiene hand washing face washing can help prevent the spread of this if you’re sick stay home if you’re compromised and you need to go out wear face masks wear gloves but at the same time remembered gloves only protect you if they are worn properly so learn how to wear gloves to properly don’t just wear them to wear them. And as we get closer to opening remember this is not an easy decision it is a decision that in some ways though May save other lives and all lives are important at this time. 


So, if this time of great distress in our country I want people to go forward with optimism Hope and Faith. If anybody’s interested in my thoughts of what occurred before this I am willing and able to have those discussions one-on-one with my friends family and clients but it’s not a place for debate now is the time to decide how to move forward discussing what happened in the past does not move us forward as a community and a society but leaves us stuck and mired in debate that does not need to be happen currently. So let’s rationally discuss the information realizing they’re going to be differences of opinion and that those opinions are not necessarily all right or all wrong but if we don’t discuss these opinions and find out where the true Middle Ground Lies We will not find the best way forward for individuals and for us as a country. Please behave and act civilly to your fellow man, do not attack people ad hominem, do not assault people in the grocery stores because you disagree with what they’re doing. If you think somebody isn’t following proper precautions your best bet is to stand back and stay away from them because the most likely route of transmission is through touching something infected and then touching your face so why take that chance by get close to somebody that you feel may not be following proper precautions! Let’s just all be civil calm down and get through this together. 

My final thought is to tell everyone to be cautious, calm and happy. In the long run I think we will all come out of this together and stronger. 


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