Cautious Optimist: during COVID-19

dreamstime_xl_55352428Hi, I just wanted to write to my patient’s friends and followers, this is a great time of turmoil for our country. I wanted to throw out a thought,  ‘Cautious Optimism’. At this time our goals should be to try and reduce the number of deaths by flattening the curve as everyone has talked about but it is important to remember as this happened numbers will go up but hopefully death percentages go down. Viruses are going to come and go and in time they’re going to burn through or society in ways that are scary but if we hold together use a reasonable social distancing at this time to prevent the most vulnerable of our population from being infected all at once and give the healthcare field time to develop treatments and treatment protocols to keep these people alive we will get through this as a country. But it is not time to panic, that’s why I say cautious optimism. Let’s use caution, let’s be optimistic that we are going to come through this and be stronger on the other side. It is fear that is dangerous and can destroy us as a society. Let’s not let fear take hold, everyone stay strong and let’s work together. Have a great day, my thoughts for the day. #COVID-19 #Coronavirus


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