Low-Impact #AerobicExercise

From Spine-Health: Read More on their site “Along with specific back exercises, aerobic exercise that increases the heart rate for a sustained period is very beneficial for helping back problems. Aerobic exercise increases the flow of blood and nutrients to back structures which supports healing, and can decrease the stiffness in the back and joints… Read More Low-Impact #AerobicExercise



Often times patients with severe back pain or certain conditions, such as when bones are weakened or have swelling and inflammation of the joints or even muscle strain, it is nearly impossible to perform high impact exercises. Since maintaining good health, muscle structure and flexibility is crucial to preventing further issues, it is imperative that… Read More LOW IMPACT EXERCISES FOR BACK PAIN RELIEF

Quick Tip Exercise Helps With Dementia

Odds of dying from dementia and brain deterioration was reduced with exercise. Just another reason to exercise. “Researchers assessed the health of more than 45,000 men and nearly 15,000 women, ages 20 to 88 years, in the United States and grouped them into one of three fitness categories — low, middle or high.” acording to http://health.msn.com. Just another example… Read More Quick Tip Exercise Helps With Dementia

Quick Tip More Doctors Recommending Exercise

“Nearly 33 percent of adults who saw a doctor in the previous year said they were told to exercise. That was up from about 23 percent in 2000, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.” According to fox news today. This is good new since all chiropractors know that motion leads to health and happiness. Some important rules for new… Read More Quick Tip More Doctors Recommending Exercise