How #stress triggers pain

Neck and hip jointStress can often be hard to manage and it can be the cause of your neck and back pain or it can magnify your neck or back pain. “Stress-induced neck pain is defined as pain that is either triggered or worsened by psychological or emotional factors.” Spine Health gives Six tips for dealing with stress induced neck pain in there article. 

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Knew this one was coming soon: “The Latest Cause of Neck Pain: #Pokémon Go”

dreamstime_xl_18568027The latest in a series of how technology can lead to pain when body Bio-mechanics are not properly understood. Spine-Health has a great article on Text Neck and how to avoid Pokémon Go injuries. First it was how we read our books, then it was our computer monitors and their locations, and now it is our smart phones. It just goes to show you that proper spinal hygiene is an ongoing responsibility see your chiropractor today.




By: Dr. Paul R. Mahler

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Sleeping and #Sciatica Tips

The symptoms of sciatica are present at the most inconvenient times. Sciatic doesn’t care if you need to sleep or drive to work. It can create a burning in the leg pins and needles in the foot or just pain. Youdreamstime_xl_26305744 are often glad just to fall asleep for a few minutes.

There are several ways that you may find relief from the symptoms and fall asleep and stay asleep.

1: Bend your knees slightly. When your sciatica flairs up often one of the five nerves are being compressed and this may take the pressure off of the nerve by relieving the pressure on the lumbar discs. Try different positions and often a pillow under the knees may help.

2: Sometimes a warm bath before bed may help by promoting the production of endorphins which fight pain. I caution you here if he pains gets worse or returns within an hour the bath is increasing inflammation and ice may work better for you discontinue the warm baths.

3: Consider ditching the box spring. The box spring is often the worst part of your mattress system. You can test this out by putting the mattress on the floor for a week or more and if this improves your sleep invest in a platform bed frame. You will often find this more supportive and I recommend it to most of my patients.


By: Dr. Paul R. Mahler

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Often times patients with severe back pain or certain conditions, such
as when bones are weakened or have swelling and inflammation of
the joints or even muscle strain, it is nearly impossible to perform
high impact exercises. Since maintaining good health, muscle
structure and flexibility is crucial to preventing further issues, it is
imperative that patients find activities they can perform safely. Read
the articles below and follow the links to the full article for more
information on low impact exercises for back pain relief.

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Chiropractic Quick Tip: How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Why do we need water and how much do we need? In modern society we often think that tea, espresso, alcohol, pop, and other types of manufactured drinks are attractive substitutes for the daily pure natural water requirements of the body. This may be a harmful mistake. Water is the solvent in our bodies, and as a result, water is used in all activities performed by our bodies. Think for a minute of just a couple of the features that water regulates:

  • The activity of body
  • The transfer of nutritional elements in to our cells
  • The action of waste removal out of our cells
  • The flow of lymph fluid
  • The activity of nerve impulses through our nerves
  • The activity of hormones through the duration of our anatomies
  • The working of our minds

We are able to perform quite well and for extended periods of time without adequate water. Your body quickly adjusts and begins removing more water from your own feces for instance. Less water is flushed by the kidneys to limit water loss. There are several health authorities who declare that your system does very well on 2 glasses of any type of fluid each day; plus the water present in the meals you eat. But adaptation is confused by these authorities with health. Adaptation fundamentally leads to compromise, which leads to reduced health over time.

Eventually it might be proven that drinking over 2 glasses of water a day has no health advantages, but that day hasn’t arrived yet. Your kidneys expel 1-2 liters of water each day. When you breath the water vapor you expel needs to be replaced. (On a hot day, you are able to sweat out up to 8.5 quarts of water.) Consequently, until it’s actually confirmed you should drink between 8-16 glasses (8oz per glass) of pure water a day. Fruit and vegetable juices may be taken for a small amount and also limited amounts of non-diuretic herbal teas (without sugar). Some foods, such as vegetables have a lot of water but in general you should use mostly pure water.

The day will come when drinking 8 cups of water a day fails when we forsake what we’ve known for years and what commonsense tells us. A day may come when science shows that water, soda, and coffee are one and exactly the same. It is not today. So until then please drink a minimum of 8 glasses of pure water a day.

By Paul R. Mahler Jr. DC

Chiropractic: It is all just in your head- Quick Tip

Chiropractic: It is all in your head.

Chiropractic: It is all in your head.

Pretending Everything’s Okay Works

I have always agreed with patients that it is all in there head. That means that the brain interprets pain or life circumstances and controls the body and our actions accordingly. That is why the pathway from the brain to the body is so important. Have your spine checked today because it is all in your head.

See this post from The Onion It just reinforces what many chiropractors have said for over 100 years. We didn’t need a resurch studie to find this out. Spinal Hygiene for all contact your chiropractor today.

By Paul R. Mahler DC

Chiropractic care and ADHD or ADD: Quick Tip

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Chiropractic

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) may be the most reported childhood behavioral issue, impacting between three percent and seven percent of the children in American. The diagnostic criteria are purely observationaland the diagnosis is obtained by subjective assessments. You will find there are no tests to ensure ADHA in a specific child.

The most frequent treatment with this is Methylphenidate (Ritalin) a Class II managed and addictive compound. The long-term aftereffects of this drug on children is as yet as yet not known, nevertheless the side-effects such as addiction are now recognized.

Conservative treatment of ADHD is possible. Vitamin deficiencies are common in ADD or ADHD. Supplementation with B vitamin complex, and the omega-6 and omega-3 efas show promising results. A holistic and integrative management system includes healthy change, supplementation, washing, and treatment of environmental toxic substances and toxic products and services from the home.

A 2010 study was conducted to analyze the results of chiropractic treatment of ADHA. in the research all patients were men, ranging in age from nine to 13 years. The scientists used a 15-item parent and teacher ADHD survey and the responses to chiropractic care were checked. In this study patients improved. ADHD symptoms were found to improve under chiropractic care. These signs include inattentiveness, and hyperactivity, impulsive actions, in addition to behavioral, social, or emotional difficulties. Evidence is given by this study on the potency of chiropractic in the treating kids with ADHD.

What might this mean for your child? If you’re not including a chiropractor within your child’s health team you’ll not be getting the best results for your child. Everyone must have their back checked sometimes but also for these children and children with autism it is even more important.

By:Dr. Paul R. Mahler Jr. DC

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The connection between blood sugar and the spine nerves: Chiropractic and diabetes

The connection chiropractic and diabetesAccording to natural news, research points to evidence that chiropractic care might make an important contribution to a wellness approach that helps those diagnosed with diabetes. Diabetes might be a growing crisis internationally and the sixth deadliest disease in The USA and help is desperately needed. Two out of every five girls born in 2000 and about one out of every three men are likely to be affected by diabetes, and a lot more may have relatives who are affected.

What is diabetes?

You will find 17 million people or 6.2% of the populace in America who’ve diabetes. While approximately 11.1 million have been identified, however, 5.9 million individuals are unaware they have the disease. Every day about 2,700 individuals are diagnosed with diabetes. This season about 1 million people aged two decades or older will undoubtedly be recognized. Diabetes may be the sixth deadliest illness in America. In 1999, diabetes led to nearly 210,000 deaths. Diabetes is really a serious illness that has no cure. Diabetes is really a Silent Killer. Lots of people first become aware that they have diabetes when they discover its deadly problems.

Cardiovascular disease: Cardiovascular disease may be the major reason for diabetes-related deaths.

Adults with diabetes have cardiovascular disease death rates about 2 to 4 times greater than people without diabetes.

Stroke: The risk for stroke is 2 to 4 times higher among individuals with diabetes.

High blood pressure: About 73% of people with diabetes have blood pressure more than or add up to 130/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) or use prescription drugs for hypertension.

Blindness: Diabetes may be the major reason for new cases of blindness among adults 20-74 years of age. Every year diabetic retinopathy triggers from 12,000 to 24,000 new cases of blindness.

Kidney disease: Diabetes may be the major reason behind handled end-stage renal disease, accounting for 43% of new cases.In 1999, 38,160 treatment was started by people with diabetes for end-stage renal disease. In 1999, dialysis or kidney transplantation was encountered by a total of 114,478 people with diabetes.

Nervous system illness: About 60% to 70% of individuals with diabetes have moderate to severe types of nervous system injury. The outcomes of such injury include reduced sensation or pain in the feet or hands, slowed digestion of food in the belly, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other nerve issues. Serious types of diabetic nerve illness really are a important contributing reason for lower-extremity amputations.

Amputations: A lot more than 60% of non-traumatic lower-limb amputations in America occur among individuals with diabetes. From 1997 to 1999, about 82,000 non-traumatic lower-limb amputations were performed every year among individuals with diabetes.

Dental illness: Periodontal or gum diseases tend to be more frequent among people with diabetes than among people without diabetes. Among teenagers, those with diabetes in many cases are at twice as likely than those without diabetes. Nearly 1 / 3 of individuals with diabetes have serious periodontal diseases with lack of attachment of the gums to tooth measuring 5 millimeters or even more.

Complications of pregnancy: Badly controlled diabetes before pregnancy and throughout the first trimester of pregnancy may cause significant birth defects in 5% to 10% of pregnancies and spontaneous abortions in 15% to 20% of pregnancies. Badly controlled diabetes during the third and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy can lead to extremely large infants, posing a risk to the son or daughter and the mother.

Other problems: Uncontrolled diabetes frequently results in biochemical imbalances that may cause serious deadly results, such as diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperosmolar (nonketotic) coma. People with diabetes tend to be more prone to a number of other illnesses and, once some one obtains these illnesses, they usually have a worse prognosis than people without diabetes. For instance, they are more prone to die with pneumonia or influenza than people who don’t have diabetes.

Direct and Indirect Costs of Diabetes: Diabetes is among the most expensive health issues in America. The American Diabetes Association estimates that other costs directly associated with diabetes treatment, in addition to the costs of lost output and health-care are $218 million yearly.

Studies now show a link between Spinal nerves and blood sugar levels

A evaluation printed in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research produced the outcomes of chiropractic when used contained in a treatment for adult onset diabetes. Along with chiropractic attention, the patient also received exercise and nutritional advice. After thirty days on this program, the patient’s glucose, blood and urine, levels normalized and kept constant. Doctors in the research, who saw members development, said when the blood glucose levels remained stable the patient would no-longer need insulin.

The normal person mightn’t know how chiropractic and diabetes are associated. Just how can the rear affect blood glucose levels? The nerves are like the wires of the body sending signals to any or all organs and cells of the body stop the flow of the nerves and the body suffers. Similar to the energy within your house or in addition to this the movement is restricted by computer circuit board through the wires and the products or parts of your home no-longer function normally or may even catch fire.

When the nerve supply from brain to the pancreas then pancreatic function suffers. The pancreas makes enzymes to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates (sugar). The nerves to the pancreas originate from the middle right back and upper neck and when they are interfered upon the purpose of the panaceas is affected including insulin release. In this instance blood glucose levels and digestion become uneven, resulting in both diabetes or hypoglycemia.

By: Dr. Paul Mahler Jr. DC
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Chiropractic treatment and deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage and chiropractic work well together it is not always one or the other.

We recently had a patient in the chiropractic clinic that trapped a nerve in their neck and needed a mix of treatments from the Chiropractor and deep tissue massage.  Through the first stages of the injury the patient shoulder and neck muscles had gone into spasm and proved to be too tender to receive a chiropractic manipulation. Deep tissue massage alternatively could be familiar with loosen from the muscle spasm allowing the region to wind down. The tenderness across the shoulder and neck decreased after receiving several massage treatments. The individual ended up being in a position to receive chiropractic manipulation to complete the treatment programme therefore regaining full range of motion without pain that helps and to prevent re-occurrences from the injury.

When asked which treatment methods are better deep tissue massage or manipulation with a chiropractor then the answer then is neither as both treatments put in place the procedure and repair off musculoskeletal health.

Mahler Chiropractic Comments

A lot of people believe most chiropractors just offer manipulation. We presume it is important to treat each complaint while using best researched answer to that specific case, in lieu of practising only that which you are comfy with or exactly what a particular clinic offers. It really is that is why we help GP, physiotherapists, sports masseurs and also cranio sacral therapists. We do this to ensure that each person gets the most appropriate maintain their complaint. As practitioners we’re constantly developing our skills, learning new techniques and researching alternative therapies.

Deep tissue massage is designed treat the soft tissues of the body including muscles and connective tissue (ligaments and tendons). Using such techniques as trigger pointing. Pressure is applied to increase blood flow to the injury to reduce pain and inflammation

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We can treat car accidents including neck pain, back pain, rotator cuff, foot pain, carpal tunnel, and much more using these techniques.

Ionic Bracelets And The Chi In Our Bodies

Many people are now wearing their own bracelet. Especially in our times of ever impending stress, economic issues, health problems and all the shenanigans happening, we find comfort in many things, and find remedies outside of traditional medicine. Ionic bracelet have become popular the fast couple of years, with many claims from different people of the benefits that it provide.

Ionic bracelets supposedly would align the chi in the body. What is meant by chi here is the electromagnetic currents of the body. With a combination of different metals, it is believed that ionic bracelets can align electromagnetic current in the body.

Peoples of ancient Asia have known the concept of chi ever since. Changing the electromagnetic currents of the body and the environment has well been thought of by age old Asian religious and traditional concepts. With a person’s chi aligned with the earth, it is believed that the body and spirit become sound and healthy, thus repelling all types of sickness and ailments.

With the current political and social situation of western countries, many people are now looking for alternatives that the cultures of these countries do not permit. Among these are these sabona bracelets. Even when asked, almost every athlete would say yes and wear an ionic bracelet.

There are no established claims on the benefits of these bracelets. You can get various claims from different customers, some are good, some are not so good. Think of it this way, these bracelets are not even harmful to begin with. So whether the claims are true or not, there is no way that we are not gonna go through.

The bracelets become a scam if we believe in something that was not even told to us. But if a person wears an ionic bracelet like a Sabona bracelet or a Phiten X30, with the consent that these bracelets may or may not work means the person was not scammed.

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Dr. Mahler’s Comments:

I have included tis post from another individual because I think it answers the question of ionic bracelets well and I am often asked my opinions on these bracelets. I am not one hundred percent certain my self but I am sure they do no harm and since we are are positive and negative charges at the anatomic level then with the correct frequency it should help but I am not convinced that anyone knows how to mach that frequency for each individual.

This is what Dr. Mahler Thinks what do you think post your comments?

Chiropractor dog walking guide

exercise and dog walkingThere is anything refreshing than taking your canine out for a walk on a crisp spring morning. However, what begins as some good for you” gentle exercise can leave you feeling just a little sore as well as injured. At few other time would you consider completing a lively movement including throwing a ball so far as you’ll be able to with no loosen up and no stretching but when exercising your pet, you don’t provide a second thought.

With a lively boxer I understand how hard it may be to hold a puppy well behaved from the side individuals. Once the arm is extended in front of the particular muscles with the back and shoulder are certainly not as strong as though the arm was sideways person and slightly bent. Consequently if you attempt to pull or dog back (manageable) we put significant pressure about the shoulder, shoulder and neck areas. Obviously if our dogs were perfect little angels we might just cause them to walk from the side of us and put less stress for the torso. As this is not at all times possible we recommend doing a bit of warm-up movements like circular arm rotations and stretching before your puppy to get a walk.

Solihull Chiropractor Lianne Griffiths explains: Another common complain I see is dog owners who have thrown the ball and as a result developed acute shoulder and neck pain. Throwing sticks (the place that the stick can be used being an extra leaver to file for the ball) are great in lessening the amount of movement had to toss the ball. I also stress to my chiropractic patients to remember about to catch in a Olympic ball throwing competition and your dog won’t hold it against if you throw it a little shorter than usual. Warm up spoken about above can help but you should ease yourself inside the movement of throwing the ball.”

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Autistic spectrum disorders in children

Disorders related to the autistic spectrum are associated with changes in the physical, emotional, and chemical state of the patient. Autistic spectrum disorders in children and adults may have multiple causes. In this post I would like to address several questions about autistic spectrum disorders. Are autistic spectrum disorders a chiropractic condition? How can chiropractic help autistic spectrum disorders? Often chiropractic care is seen as a conservative treatment for musculoskeletal or neurological conditions. As we will see that is part of the reason the chiropractic may help with spectrum disorders.


First do you know the symptoms of spectrum disorders. Children that are on the spectrum are experiencing neural-behavioral disorder. Some of the common diagnoses include ADD, ADHD, autism, Tourette’s syndrome, OCD, ODD, pervasive developmental delay, or any sub-class of developmental delay which can be modifying the emotional, motor or behavioral development. Parents often describe the typically signs of this group of children as incapable of concentrating, hyperactive, poor sleeping patterns, inability to attend and pay attention at school or at home. The parents often must repeat phrases or commands, or the child may often use phrases like huh or what. The parents may report that the child has trouble with fine motor skills like handwriting, cutting with scissors or even buttoning buttons. This is often due to apraxia, or dyspraxia. Many times, these children will use both hand for many tasks and may be referred to as ambidextrous. So, the parents might struggle to determine whether a child id left or right-handed. They might comment that their child writes using their left-hand and eats with their right hand. These children will sometimes have tremors, they will often find it difficult to tie their shoes or do fine manipulative things make use of their hands. Parents also often report that the child has difficulty with gross motor skills and may fall allot or have trouble throwing or catching.  The patients who respond best to chiropractic care are between the ages 6 to 16 but children and adults can usually be treated at ages young and old. The earlier chiropractors start the greater the number of developmental windows that may be opened for the child.

One of the most important concepts when addressing Autistic Spectrum Disorders in kids is to realize they are also behavioral disorders. Due to different symptoms and the severity of the symptoms the child can lead to very different differential diagnoses. To help complicate the problem, an autistic child who displays ADHD behaviors, could also exhibit OCD behaviors, Tourette’s or Asperger’s behaviors simultaneously. That’s the reason these conditions are called spectrum disorders, they are co-morbid and overlapping syndromes. No matter if it’s Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD), Add and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD,) Excessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Pervasive Development Delay (PDD), Tourette’s Syndrome, or autism, each are caused by an imbalance in the neurological and sensory systems. This imbalance makes it impossible for the child to block certain sensory inputs and as a result a disconnect is created. The ability of the brain to process certain sensory input becomes impaired.  That is where chiropractic comes in when chiropractors adjust the spine they are directly affecting the nervous system, in most case the brain can be retrained to process sensory input in a different or improved way, this is the same basic premise behind brain gym but chiropractors have been doing this for decades.

A chiropractic neurologist Dr. Robert J. Melillo, has spent the last half of a 17-year career studying and treating these imbalances.  Dr. Melillo is international known and renown. He has determined that some of the cause may be due to an absence of stimulation as well as musculoskeletal imbalance in the body. The imbalances resulted in brain emphasizing and using the more active side while ignoring the under-stimulated hemisphere of the brain. It is important to treat the central nervous system by addressing imbalances in the spine. At the same time the sensory systems must also be addressed  Sensory processing disorders are often caused by the sensory systems that were paused at some point in development (start to see the article on sensory processing disorders) or developmental delays. These delays must be addressed and improved to the best of the child’s ability to maximize the child’s potential.

The art and science of Chiropractic Neurology is the diagnostic examination, where chiropractors use current concepts in neurology, neurophysiology and neuroscience to first perform very detailed history concerning the emotional and cognitive abilities of the patient. The history provides clues about which areas of their brain are functioning well, and which areas under or over performing.

Most youngsters treated for behavioral problems are very intelligent. The truth is, the majority are very smart and have many gifts that allow them to adapt and function well in society. It is the goal of chiropractic to support these gifts while treating any perceived deficits that cause the child difficulties. Common symptoms include the inability to focus, hyperactivity, inattentiveness, or extremely poor organization skills, among numerous other symptoms. It is very important start early to enhance the child’s quality of life at the earliest opportunity.

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By: Paul R. Mahler DC
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Chiropractic and pregnancy it is for more than low back pain!

Adjusting women through pregnancy is probably the most rewarding aspects of chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatment leads to a healthier pregnancy means a simpler labor and delivery, along with a better transition for the baby into this life.

Chiropractic through pregnancy is not only safe, it is vital. We could go through the implications of subluxation from the biomechanical, hormonal and neurological standpoint. It’s easy for everyone to find out postural changes, through pregnancy, lead to changes in the center of gravity, the body weight of the fetus causes increased pressure about the spine and pelvis, and in the end of the pregnancy, changes have emerged in gait pattern, the waddle of pregnancy. What we can’t see, are the millions of different hormonal changes and chemical reactions occurring in mom as well as the developing baby. These changes are controlled and coordinated with the nervous system. This is where chiropractic care comes in. It is not just for back pain in pregnancy.

Adjustments result in an easier pregnancy, significantly decreased average labor time, and assists new mothers in returning to per-pregnancy health. In one study, women receiving Chiropractic care through their first pregnancy had 24% shorter labor times than the group failing to get enough Chiropractic, and on subsequent pregnancies subjects reported 39% shorter labor times. Thirty-nine percent-this is a massive difference. Moreover, 84% of women report relief of low back and hip pain when receiving care from a chiropractor. Because the sacroiliac joints and pelvis function better, there exists significant less probability of back labor when receiving chiropractic care through out the pregnancy.

Body position during delivery can also be critical. Any late second stage labor position that denies postural sacral rotation denies mom and the baby critical pelvic outlet diameter and jams the top off the sacrum as much as 4cm into the pelvic outlet. Put simply, the typical delivery position used in hospitals with the mother on her back in the stir-ups reduces the size of the pelvic opening, which closes off the vital space essential for the infant to move through the pelvic outlet.

This delivery position is a common reason why numerous births are traumatic, labor is stalled, mother becomes fatigued and in pain, so making use of epidurals, forceps, episiotomy, vacuum extraction and cesarean increases. This is why squatting should be the preferred position. In this position gravity helps and the pelvic outlet can open to a greater degree. Squatting during delivery leads to decreased utilization of forceps plus a shorter second stage labor as opposed to semi-recumbent position.

Greater complications during delivery lead to greater neurological damage to the newborn as a result of injury to the head and neck. Even with vaginal births, 4.6% of full term neonates suffer unexplained brain bleeds and 10% suffer neonatal encephalopathy. Because so many children have been injured with forceps deliveries, (facial nerve palsy, tearing of cervical spine musculature) vacuum extraction originated. Suction cups they fit around the newborn’s head, and the baby generally is sucked from the mother.

When utilized, 120 pounds of pressure goes through the baby’s head and neck. Decapitation occurs at 140 pounds of pressure, to offer you a perception of the forces involved. Remember when you were just a little girl or boy and there was a new baby present, our parents always said, “Watch his head-you don’t want to hurt him.” We’re careful for the reason that fontanel’s with the skull are very pliable, and also the neck and brain are fragile and unprotected. This is why numerous babies sustain injuries with their heads and neck during vacuum extraction. The force of vacuum extraction is far greater than a newborn’s little bodies can tolerate.

Adjustments to newborns contain only ounces of force, on average 6-12 onces. This is the same weight approximately as a bottle of food. The force of the adjustment is directed into the spine to facilitate health by removing subluxations. We adjust babies just after birth, to correct subluxations brought on by in-utero constraint as well as the journey down with the birth canal and delivery.

It is also important to note that chiropractic is not a cure it only frees up the optimal potential of the nervous system and allowed us to express the best us we can be. It isn’t relief from ear infections, for colic, for allergies, for asthma, for frequent colds, nor for ADD/ADHD, but it can help the body deal with and heal all of these conditions.

Whenever we listen to mothers’ stories with their pregnancy, labor and delivery, the children that suffer the best from these complaints, are the ones who’ve had the best challenge with their births. Even relatively easy deliveries may result in subluxations. That is why every child should be checked, before difficulties with their health ever develop. That’s maintenance within the truest sense-preventing subluxations in mothers to stop subluxations in their babies during childbirth. For this reason all women needs Chiropractic through pregnancy so that the arrival of the baby is really a miraculus experience.

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By: Paul R. Mahler DC
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