Ionic Bracelets And The Chi In Our Bodies

Many people are now wearing their own bracelet. Especially in our times of ever impending stress, economic issues, health problems and all the shenanigans happening, we find comfort in many things, and find remedies outside of traditional medicine. Ionic bracelet have become popular the fast couple of years, with many claims from different people of the benefits that it provide.

Ionic bracelets supposedly would align the chi in the body. What is meant by chi here is the electromagnetic currents of the body. With a combination of different metals, it is believed that ionic bracelets can align electromagnetic current in the body.

Peoples of ancient Asia have known the concept of chi ever since. Changing the electromagnetic currents of the body and the environment has well been thought of by age old Asian religious and traditional concepts. With a person’s chi aligned with the earth, it is believed that the body and spirit become sound and healthy, thus repelling all types of sickness and ailments.

With the current political and social situation of western countries, many people are now looking for alternatives that the cultures of these countries do not permit. Among these are these sabona bracelets. Even when asked, almost every athlete would say yes and wear an ionic bracelet.

There are no established claims on the benefits of these bracelets. You can get various claims from different customers, some are good, some are not so good. Think of it this way, these bracelets are not even harmful to begin with. So whether the claims are true or not, there is no way that we are not gonna go through.

The bracelets become a scam if we believe in something that was not even told to us. But if a person wears an ionic bracelet like a Sabona bracelet or a Phiten X30, with the consent that these bracelets may or may not work means the person was not scammed.

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Dr. Mahler’s Comments:

I have included tis post from another individual because I think it answers the question of ionic bracelets well and I am often asked my opinions on these bracelets. I am not one hundred percent certain my self but I am sure they do no harm and since we are are positive and negative charges at the anatomic level then with the correct frequency it should help but I am not convinced that anyone knows how to mach that frequency for each individual.

This is what Dr. Mahler Thinks what do you think post your comments?


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