Consider these Three Factors when Learning How to Correctly Hit a Golf Ball

Beginning learning the basics of the game can be overwhelming, but I will offer some swing tips for the beginner golfer, and focus on three areas.  Nearly all manuals will go into golf grip ideas, golf driving tips, and other facets of the game that are farther down the to-do list. The golfing recommendations I would like to go into here include the set-up, proper balance, and golf ball concentration. These three elements will determine the quality in the golf swing, and once they are put into routine, golf driving and grip tips will fall into place.

To simplify, so as to hit a golf ball consistently imparting as little side spin as achievable, we will study the following golfing guidelines:

1. The set-up. As opposed to setting up to your ball with the idea of generating as much club speed as possible (you are not there thus far), think about being in a position to strike the ball evenly, without a slicing, or glancing blow. If you were to look down on the golf ball, and the contact spot would be twelve o’clock on the ball, ideally you would like to strike the ball at roughly seven o’clock and would exit the golf ball at about one o’clock. If done having a golf club head that’s square to the ball (not opened or closed), you should be in a position to launch the golf ball with a minor counter clockwise spin, or hook spin. With the new golfer, that gives you the most distance.

2. Balance. The next of our golf suggestions could possibly be the most important to the swing for starting-out golfers, as it is not possible for any golfer at whichever level to be consistent without keeping correct sense of balance. But instead of getting into a long discussion on things that go into sense of balance, let us keep it simple. Consider keeping the spine vertical and upright during the golf swing. Maintaining a vertical spine will allow an unrestricted rotation with least resistance, making for less moving parts. It will also keep the head still, allowing you to better focus on the golf ball during the golf swing. A vertical spine with some bend in the hips and knees will permit you to become more balanced, providing you with a more consistent golf swing.

3. Ball concentration. There is a huge distinction between seeing the golf ball in the course of the swing and having a total, laser-like focus on your ball. It is one thing not talked about for the reason that everyone assumes that you routinely keep the “eye on the ball”. However that is not sufficient. I read once where a pro golfer would juggle two golf balls in one hand in order to make him better concentrate on the golf ball. Whatever teaching support you use that can assist you with the ball concentration is excellent, but this last of our golfing advice is one which is critical for consistent ball striking for new golfers.  Practice this with the Pitching Wedge around the practice green, and you will find your ball focus improved.

Obviously these only scratch the surface, but at this point your golf education should be kept simple, lacking getting too technical. But I congratulate you on trying to improve yourself in the sport, and hope these golf suggestions have gotten you started with the right foot.  Finally, do you think you’re a Last Minute Golfer?  If you would like an easy way to reserve your tee times, even at the last minute, check out our website.  You will find some great deals, too.

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Every now and then I see a good tip that is not directly related to my practice of chiropractic but would lick to make it available to you that is the care with this post. For all of you golfers out there I hope you find this helpful and informative. At Mahler Family Chiropractic Center we love to bring you useful information. This post has been approved by Dr. Mahler.


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