Effects of alcohol on low back pain?

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The question is dose regular alcohol consumption increase your risk of low back pain. It has been shown in earlier research that smoking may increase your risk of low back pain and musculoskeletal conditions but are they also affected by alcohol? University of Sydney researcher have tried to answer this question. According to the Chironexus article “Nine of the cross-sectional studies showed a slight association between alcohol intake and low-back pain. However, this link was less strong after controlling for alcohol abuse and dependence.” It was unclear however whether modifying alcohol consumption has a direct link to low back pain.

read the full story here: http://www.chironexus.net/2013/07/alcohol-and-the-risk-of-back-pain/?client=

Dr. Paul R Mahler Jr. provided this information for your information.


2 thoughts on “Effects of alcohol on low back pain?

  1. Great information. I’ve always felt as though drinking can effect the muscular neurons, creating a less-than-optimal connection between brain and muscles in the back, leaving room for overcompensation of other muscles, leading potentially to injury. Thanks for sharing.

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