Knee pain runners and chiropractic: Quicktip

In runners knee pain is one of the most common conditions I have run across after over ten years of treating patients. Repetitive injuries are common in all sports and foot and knee injuries are the most common found in runners. Chironexus has written a great article on the bio-mechanical injuries experienced by marathon runners and how chiropractic can help. I have been treating the serious athlete and the weekend warrior for over a decade in the Wilkes Barre Kingston area and many of the points mentioned in this article can be applied to a lesser degree to many of these patients. According to the article “Knee pain can be the result of a wide variety of underlying causes. One such cause of knee pain that is often overlooked as even a possibility is entrapment of the saphenous nerve. ”

Read the full story on this chiropractic patient at:

Information Provided By: Paul R. Mahle Jr DC


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