Chiropractic Helps Plane Crash Survivor’s

chiropractic adjustmentAccording to Chironexus, “Plane Crash Survivor’s Back Pain Healed by Chiropractor”

In this report the Cox Flexion Distraction or flexion-distraction technique was used. I have personally used this technique for over 10 years in my Kingston office. I find it to be a very effective treatment for many low back pain conditions and according to the story “Cox Flexion Distraction is a low-velocity spinal adjustment procedure that is applied using a specialized table or instrument, in addition to manual contact. Trained chiropractors use flexion distraction to decrease pressure between spinal discs, increase disc height, improve range of motion, and more. Approximately 60% of chiropractors in the United States use Cox Flexion Distraction therapy in their practice.” I have not just used it on regular patients but on patients involved in MVA’s (car accidents) and even patients involved in air craft accidents.

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Dr. Paul R. Mahler Jr


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