Why McDonald’s doesn’t want us to sleep! How sleep affects our Junk-food intake?

Can lack of sleep affect #weight-loss?

Sleep deprivation can affect your weight and so much more. Researchers in the journal obesity studied just this phenomenon. they found that not only does lack of sleep affect the frontal lobe and higher level thinking but it affects our food choices. The researchers studied food choices by individuals in the grocery store and found that men bought nine percent calories and eighteen percent more food then when well rested.

Add a chiropractor to your health team today they are an important member and read the rest of the study on Chironexus. Many chiropractor spend time with their patients helping them make healthy lifestyle choices and decisions. Chiropractic care can also reduce stress and improve the quality and quantity of you sleep to help avoid these issues. In my Wilkes Barre and Kingston Practice I discus many of these issues with my patients.

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Written By: Paul R. Mahler DC

Mahler Family Chiropractic Center
1144 Wyoming Ave
Kingston, Pa 18704

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