Neck and Back Pain rising in children and young adults.

Children and Sensory Processing Disorders

Why my child needs a chiropractor!

It is the Facebook generation and more and more children are sitting at home using the internet and not getting out and moving around. While there is more information and communication than ever before and this is great we must remember to keep our kids active and healthy. New studies have been conducted by the British Chiropractic Association have now found that 65 percent of people from the age of 16-34 now suffer from back and neck pain. This pain is attributed to sitting for long periods of time according to the study.

How to prevent #back_pain in My Child!

I have noticed this trend in my own practice. It is becoming more of a chronic problem in the cities of Wilkes-Barre and Kingston where I see most of my patients. So what is the solution. There are several steps that can be taken after all it is all about quality of life, we all want a pain free productive life. Enroll your children in activities that they love Like Boy Scouts, Swimming, Lacrosse or other great sports and activities. Make sure they get there and participate if they love the activity they will put down the tablet for a while and may even learn some great life skills in the process.

Next find a chiropractor who understands children and their health problems. Just like dentistry chiropractic is not just for when we are having problems but regular checkups can catch problems before they become painful and permanent. It can be used as true preventive care for back and neck problems as adults. A well trained chiropractor can detect and eliminate problems before you even know they’re there preventing the years of damage that can be caused from undetected problems.

Add a chiropractor to your health team today they are an important member and read the rest of the study on Chironexus.

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Written By: Paul R. Mahler DC
Mahler Family Chiropractic Center
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Kingston, Pa 18704

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