What is Health?

Is health the absents of illness? To may of us we may answer yes but this is far from the truth. Health is the ability to Play with our children and grandchildren. It is the ability to smile and laugh with our friends and to climb that mountain or staircase when we want to for our enjoyment and pleasure. In many ways real health is tied to our happiness.

This may be an answer that is different from what we often hear but I state this emphatically for several reasons. If you are not living life to its fullest for yourself and others in happiness and grace then you are not living a full healthy life. The second reason is that our bodies are never devoid of disease, at all times of the day our bodies are removing cancer cells, fighting off foreign bodies (toxins, bacteria and viruses), and repairing damaged systems such as tendinitis, gastrointestinal problems, fibromyalgia and the list goes on.

So these two realisations bring use back to the question, what is true health? It is the body’s ability to adapt to the changing internal and external environment. It is not the lack of disease! Disease is always present. If this disease is kept in check by the body then we can play with the kids, climb that mountain, and laugh with our friends and family.

So if this is true health and you are not doing this today then why not. No one can heal you it is up to you to decide to heal yourself. As a chiropractor my goal is to help create the environment for this healing to occur but all healing is from within and giving to use by the power that created use. The power that allowed use to grow from a single cell to the great and wonderful human being you are today.

That means that your health is in your hands and the power to regain it is yours. It is my job and the job of all health care professionals to advise you of how to reach this goal but only you can define your true happiness and therefore your measure of health.

So go out today and start taking steps to be happy and healthy today.

Dr. Paul R. Mahler Jr.


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