The Rights of An Auto Accident Victim in PA

(This is not intended as legal  advice. It is not provided by an attorney but is a summary of common rights as encountered in our practice and my answer basic questions. Please consult an attorney for a comprehensive view of your legal rights. This information is copied from other sources.)

Every driver in the state of Pennsylvania must carry insurance. And every insurance policy provides medical coverage for anyone who has been injured as a result of an auto accident. This coverage is called med-pay. Another term for med-pay is personal injury protection (or “PIP”). The minimum coverage that Pennsylvania drivers must carry (by law) is $5,000.00 of med-pay. That means that the first $5,000.00 of your medical bills will be covered by your automotive insurance. Also, in 99.9% of the cases, there is no deductible and no co-pays. That means you can get the care you need and without any out-of-pocket costs whatsoever. Pennsylvania is also a “no-fault” state. That means it doesn’t matter who was at fault. You are still protected and are entitled to receive treatment that is paid for by your auto insurance.

Auto accidents and your rights

Can My Insurance Rates Go Up If I Use My Med-Pay?
By law, your insurance company may not raise your insurance rates (premiums) because you used your medical coverage. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault of the accident. You have a right to use this medical coverage.

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By: Paul R. Mahler DC
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One thought on “The Rights of An Auto Accident Victim in PA

  1. Car accidents even low velocity car accidents often cause sprain strain injuries in the neck and low back. This can lead to pain in the low back and neck as well as shoulder injuries. These injuries if left untreated can lead to spinal degeneration and arthritis as well as degenerative disc disease. As family chiropractor I recommend that you contact a chiropractor in your area and have your spin check after a car accident.

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