Natures Cold Remedies: Honey

While we’re stuck in the thick of yet another cool and flu season, it’s time to advise parents of two important factors: First, the Food and Drug Administration points out coughing and cool medicines are not appropriate for kids ages 6 and under and may really threaten their health; and 2nd, research suggests honey could be the greatest relief of all for children struggling with cold and flu symptoms especial the cough.

Over the previous years, the Food and Drug Administration has actually considerably investigated over-the-counter cough and cold medicines, several either with dosing instructions for children and grown-ups or for just Kids, depending on the type and label. With little research done involving kids, since it is challenging to encourage mom’s and dads to use their kids as examination subjects, the general protocol was for dosing instructions to be extrapolated from grown-ups to youngsters.

Gradually, the Food and Drug Administration figured this out and ruled that cold and flu medicines were improper for kids under the age of 2, then extended the restriction to kids under age 6. It is important to take note that currently the Food and Drug Administration is looking at a ban on cold and flu medication for kids approximately age 11, if not older.

In the past several years, even the drugs still used for the six plus age group have actually come under attack, with a number of product recalls for quality-control problems that resulted in a number of products used in treating the symptoms of coughs, cold, allergy, and fever to be removed from the shelves of your local pharmacies in 2010.

In recent studies it has been found that we can turn back to nature to help relive the symptoms related with colds and flu’s which also least lessen their time frame of the illness. This would be honey. In a 2007 Pennsylvania State University School of Medication study entailing 105 children ages 2-18 with upper respiratory infections, kids who were offered buckwheat honey, between half a tsp to two tsps before bedtime depending on age, coughed much less and rested much better than children that did not receive any type of honey or who got honey flavoured dextromethorphan, the primary active ingredient in several cough and cool treatments.

Talk with your chiropractor to find out more, and keep in mind that honey is not advised for youngsters in their first year because it could have botulism spores, which can be dangerous to an infants underdeveloped and vulnerable immune systems.

Paul R. Mahler

Mahler Family Chiropractic Center


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