Stop Sinus Surgery

Natural sinus relief

You go to bed one evening and dream of a peaceful nights rest. Ahhhhh…but somewhere in the middle of the night you awaken gasping for air or you awake with a painfully dry throat because you’ve been breathing through your mouth. Your sinuses are stopped up completely! You toss and turn; you beat your pillow but you know you must get up out of your nice warm bed in order to breathe. You discover once out of bed you have a terrific headache. Then as things begin to loosen up you may have yellow or green mucus to start dripping from your nose.

Another sinus relief tip is inhaling steam is also another remedy that can be helpful. Steam can come from a vaporizor or from a shower. You could even boil a bowl of water, lean over it with a towel draped over your head and hanging down to provide a curtain to guide the steam up. Doing this a few minutes a day can also provide relief.

There are also over the counter nasal sprays and saline sprays. Saline sprays are non-medicated and simply contain salt water. Using nasal sprays involve holding one nostril closed while inserting the cone applicator into the other nostril and breathing in sharply while squeezing the bottle.

Use a vaporizer it works as a natural decongestant to loosen up the secretion and soothe those inflamed membranes. The nasal cavities also become dry and irritated causing you to feel a burning sensation in the nose. Use a humidifier to put back that the natural moisture we usually have in the nostrils when we are healthy, but loses when ill.

There are many remedies available to one suffering from sinus trouble. First of all its important to stay in a place where plenty of fresh air is available. The rooms where one stays should not be too cool or too warm. It is also important to undertake regular exercises so as to keep the body healthy. It is important to take plenty of cool liquids like water and fruit juices and to avoid alcohol intake or take it moderately. Inhaling hot water vapor is a welcome remedy so is being in hot compresses, saunas and even steam rooms.

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Dr. Mahler’s Comments: At times I find posts offered to add to my blog from other authers. If there is enough pertinent information I will add it. While many of the recomendations in this artical are good suggestions it would be well advised to avoid the over the counter medications and try natural remides first. Chiropractic can also be helpful in reducing sinus inflammation in several ways. If the sinuses are not draining properly an upper cervical adjustment can help the facial muscles and the muscles around the sinus function better reducing inflammation in the muscles and surrounding structures allowing drainage. It can also help with drainage of the ears and improved function of the upper-respiratory system which can lead to improved healing and reduced inflammation. Often sinus medications just dry out the sinuses leaving the mucosa cracked and irritated which is a rout to reinfection thus the re-occurring infections and the cycle of drainage and infection leading to chronic sinuses issues brake the cycle today try something different and find a chiropractor to help you.

This Article was provided by an author from Seolink but has been red and approved by Dr. Paul Mahler of Mahler Family Chiropractic CenterKingston, PA for  posting on our blog. Check the comments section for Additional advice or to see disagreements with the post by Dr. Mahler.


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  1. It isn’t always and easy correlation between chiropractic care and sinuses issues but I did make some comments in the article above that help clarify this issue. But as well as the points maid above there are studies that show that chiropractic increases white blood cell count (the immune response) via small nerves embedded inside the blood vessel walls.

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