Methods that Will Turn Your Pre-Shot Routine into Your AdvantageUse the Golf Pre-Shot Routine to Set You Up to Be Successful

The few seconds concerning when you tee up the ball, or approach the golf ball in the fairway, and in fact hit it may determine how successful the golf shot will be. Will that be a period when those mental demons creep in, making you lose focus? By utilizing your pre-shot routine that is tailored to you, there’ll simply be time to focus on the job at hand. So why does every superior golfer have an effective pre-shot routine, even when it comes down to How to Putt? Because it works!

Basically, your pre-shot agenda is really a progression of checkpoints, thoughts, movements, and attention to details prior to striking a golf shot. It should be unique to every golfer, and it is best if it fits the player’s character. In other words, when a golfer throughout his every day routine moves through life in warp-speed, he wouldn’t use a unhurried, methodical routine. Similarly, if you are a more measured person, that slower schedule may fit your needs better.

So what would your pre-shot routine appear to be? Since I can simply stress its importance and what components go into it, I cannot state what is best for you. So I will describe what I do before each golf shot, and perhaps you’ll draw a few ideas.

1. Before I choose a golf club, I stand behind the golf ball and create in my mind the shot. This does not mean merely distance. I factor in wind direction and intensity, the way the golf ball is carrying that day, how I’ve been striking the ball, and I leave a margin for error away from problem places.

2. Select a golf club. Even if I had previously pre-decided my golf club prior to visualizing my golf shot, I at all times bring one or two, and occasionally three, additional clubs with me. Should I change my mind following deciding the proper shot, attempting to hit that golf shot with a club I am uncomfortable with will almost certainly wind up poorly. That is the most important explanation why I always opt to walk the golf course when doable; all of your tools will always be there with you.

3. Decide your target. I do this from behind the golf ball, after which I line up a spot about five feet on line and before the golf ball. That is where I will set my stance and my clubface to. I’ve found in the course of my experience that this gives me a greater consistent set-up to my target area.

4. Before I set my feet, I locate the golf club on the exact location I would like it to hit the ball. I know that when anything mechanical goes amiss with my swing, a great deal may be corrected with a suitable ball strike. Next I set my left foot to the ball, after that my back foot.

5. Subsequently after one final glance toward the target area, to prompt the swing (I think this is very important) I to some extent push the hands forward previous to drawing the club in the backswing. This “activate mechanism” gives a uniform starting point to start the golf swing.

As I said earlier, your pre-shot routine is individual, so you must determine what is the best fit for you personally. But it ought to be part of every golfer’s Short Golf Game and his long game, and to be your most consistent, you must address this crucial piece of the game.

I am not a good golfer but am always looking for golf tips. I posted this in-case it can help you your comments are welcome.

This Article was provided by an author from Seolink but has been red and approved by Dr. Paul Mahler of Mahler Family Chiropractic CenterKingston, PA for  posting on our blog.


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