Health benefits of avocados

Many of the foods we eat when used correctly have health benefits. In one post I commented on the health benefits of wine. In this one I go over the avocado and how to add it to your diet see the great salad recipes below. I also highlight what an avocado can for you in your diet.

Avocado Spread: European sailors used avocados in place of butter while sailing to the New World.

Avocado Varieties: There are over 80 varieties of avocados. The most common is the Hass avocado, which was originaly grown in California and that is where its original mother tree still stands.

Alligator Pear: The Haas avocado, also known as an alligator pear, because of its shape, green skin, and rough texture. While the Florida avocado has a shiny, smooth surface.

Avocado Production: The two main U.S. producers of the fruit are California and Florida. California far outranks the Florida with more than 6,000 groves accounting for about 90% of avocado crops.

Avocado Nutrition: Avocados are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins such as C,K, folate, and B6. Half an avocado has 160 calories, 15 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fat, and only 2 grams saturated fat. One globe contains more than one-third daily value of vitamin C, and more than half the day’s requirements of vitamin K.

Avocado in Salads: Consider adding avocado to your salads. Research shows that antioxidants such as lycopene and beta-carotene are better absorbed with the healthy monounsaturated fat avocados have in abundance. Help your heart and sole add avocado to your diet today.

By: Paul R. Mahler Jr. DC
Mahler Family Chiropractic Center Serving the Kingston PA and Wilkes Barre PA area for over ten years
The recipes below was provided by and the copyright is owned by the original owner.

Do you like avocados? Would you like to make a delicious salad that has avocados in it? Many people have started to make avocado salads. The good thing about creating an avocado salad is that you could combine avocado with many ingredients. You could possibly make an avocado salad with cucumbers, shrimp, tomatoes, cilantro, radishes, or many other different ingredients. Read this write-up for more information on avocado salad recipes!

The good thing about avocados is they are scrumptious, but at the same time they are light. This means that theyre going to make a excellent base for a ton of various salads. You can combine avocado together with garlic, tomatoes, onions and also lime juice and make a guacamole that you can serve along with corn chips. Or, you can combine it with cilantro, cucumbers and lemon juice making a completely different salad.

The basic concept of this salad recipe is to locate few substances that will tastes great with all the avocado and make a greens. Usually when you make an avocado salad, you will need a tart acid juice, such as lemon juice or even lime fruit juice to use in the salad. This is required for two reasons. One is will keep the avocados from become brown fast and the next one is the avocado tastes wonderful with citrus fruit juice!

Here are two dishes for you to put together avocado salad:

  1. Avocado and Tomato Salad: Here is my own take on guacamole, but also in a form of a salad. This particular salad makes use of all the substances you will see in a  guacamole, such as tomatoes, avocados, onions and lime juice, but instead of smashing them, you will chop these ingredients. Here is how to make it. Chop the  avocados and drizzle lime green juice on top of the avocados to keep them coming from turning brown. Then chop tomatoes and some onions  and mix the ingredients together. The salad is prepared!
  2. Avocado and Radish Salad: Here is another interesting salad that we recently put together. It has radishes, avocados, feta and mozzarella cheese, dill, lime juice and some onions. This salad is wonderful – its rich as well as buttery because of the avocado. It is also somewhat spicy due to radishes and a little salty as a consequence of feta. Combining them together creates a fabulous salad. we start by dicing the avocados, then we add the lime juice. Next chop radishes, dill, and onions,  add them all to the salad. Finally sprinkle with feta and/ or mozzarella and the salad is done!

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