Various Treatment Options For Snoring And Sleep Apnea

A lot of men and women consider snoring as a thing they do not need to be really worried about. For them, it is just loud inhaling and exhaling during sleep, and that everyone has them time and time again. They could not be more wrong as continual and sonorous noisy breathing at sleep could be a symptom for a potentially life-threatening condition generally known as sleep apnea. This condition is defined as repeated disruptions in respiration during sleep and it can cause hypoxic brain injuries which will bring about coma or even death.

Snoring and sleep apnea are often mentioned within the same breath because they share similar predisposing and precipitating factors which include senility, diminished tone in the muscles supporting the upper respiratory structures, narrowed airway as a result of fat tissue build-up, in addition to anatomical features of the face like deviated septum which impair the normal flow of air during respiration. Taking in alcohol in addition to a number of drug treatments bring about snoring along with sleep apnea since it makes the muscles supporting the air passage relaxed. Lying supinely and mouth breathing are also recognised to cause snoring too.

The good news is that both snoring and sleep apnea can be prevented and treated. The individual suffering from sleep apnea is rarely aware of having pauses in breathing, even upon awakening. In most instances, it is the one sharing the room or bed with the snorer that hears the hallmark snore-snort pattern typical of sleep apnea. Those suffering from sleep apnea only seek treatment when they already experience symptoms like persistent lethargy and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Treatments for snoring are also effective for sleep apnea. One of the commonly used remedies includes snoring pillows. These products are made specifically for those who sleep on their backs. Snoring pillows are shaped in a way that the head and neck are kept in a neutral position even if the user assumes a back-lying position during sleep thereby keeping the chin off of the chest and leave the air passage open.

Sleep apnea sufferers are also often prescribed with prosthesis like anti-snoring chin straps. The main purpose of these devices is to retrain the person to breathe through the nose instead of through the mouth. Mouth breathers snore because the flow of air through the oral cavity causes greater vibration of the tissues.

Both anti-snoring chin straps and pillows are effective, that is, if you don’t forget to put them on or use them when you sleep. Discussing with your healthcare provider can help figure out the right treatment option for you at the same determine the extent of how snoring or sleep apnea is affecting your health.

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In addition to these options snoring may be associated with the first cervical vertebra and its position. In this case it would make sens to also include a chiropractor into your health care team to help reduce snoring. at Mahler Family Chiropractic Center we will be glad to help you. We are located in the Wilkes Barre and Kingston area.


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