Chiropractic Treatments for Whiplash

Chiropractic Treatments for #Whiplash


Because each individual case of whiplash is different, it is not possible to generalize about the chiropractic whiplash treatment.

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The appropriate chiropractic treatment is unique to each whiplash injury and is directed at the primary dysfunctions detected during the chiropractic exam.

However, #chiropractors commonly employ different chiropractic treatments for whiplash, often including:


2:Muscle relaxation and/or stimulation

3:Various #exercises

4:Ergonomic and lifestyle changes.

This article explains when, why and how chiropractors may employ these whiplash treatments for neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and other related symptoms.

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PEH: Whiplash – What Patiens Need to Know

mechanism of injury to the neck that results from a sudden force that causes the neck to move beyond its normal range of motion, typically from a motor vehicle accident but also from sports or falls. In a rear impact collision, usually the occupant in the vehicle that gets struck is at greatest risk of a whiplash- type of injury.

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Treating Car Accident Injuries

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Whiplash is seriousAn car accident occurs every 2-3 seconds and people who have been involved in a collision will suffer some degree of trauma. An 8 mile per hour collision enough to damage a steel bumper, so imagine the damage it can do to the delicate ligaments in your neck. An 8 miles per hour crash can cause damage and pain to your spine. Now imagine what happens at 35, 45 or even 55 miles per hour! It is important to get your spine check following a motor vehicle accident (MVA) because the underlying trauma may cause symptoms week or even years later.
Too often people don’t seek treatment following a car accident because they don’t feel they are hurt but, the most common injury to the neck is whiplash. Whiplash is caused when the head suddenly accelerates then decelerates. The head may move backward, forward, or sideways or any combination of the three and that result in the damage to muscles, ligaments and other connective tissues in the neck and upper back.

Because symptoms of a whiplash injury can take weeks or months to manifest, it is easy to thinking that you are not injured. Therefore, whiplash injuries need to be taken very seriously and checked immediately. The sooner these injures are detected the more likely you are to make a complete recovery.Unfortunately, by the time more serious complications develop, the damage from the injury may have become permanent. Scientific studies have shown that years after a whiplash injury approximately 50% of them state that they still suffer with symptoms from their injuries. If you have been in a motor vehicle or any other kind of accident, don’t assume that you escaped injury if you are not currently in pain.

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