Back Discomfort During Pregnancy (Chiropractic can help)

baby_boy_shoes_on_belly_198403For patients going through back discomfort during pregnancy, #chiropractic care may provide effective relief from #pain with only a couple of simple treatments.

For instance:

  1. Manipulation or adjustment from the pelvis provides relief and restores function for 91% of patients analyzed. See much more about Chiropractic care Manipulation.
  2. To help increase effectiveness of these treatments, your chiropractor or medical professional may recommend: Easy stretching exercise programs.
  3. Finally a pelvic support belt may be recommended to help with the treatment.

Also See Exercise for Back Discomfort Throughout #Pregnancy.

You Have the Power in Your Pregnancy

It is important that women feel empowered during their pregnancy. There are several steps that can be taken to achieve this goal. the first step is to get informed and to surround yourself with a great health team.

After discover that you are pregnant you should start learning about the process and compiling a birth plan. Creating a birth plan is the best thing you can do to make sure your wishes are considered during your delivery. The birth plan should include basic decisions such as moving around during labor, when to start pushing, fetal monitoring decisions and  whether or not and when to induce labor induction. The plan should also contain contingouncy plans as well as contingency decisions, including whether to get an epidural, an episiotomy or a C-section. That is just the beginning. Your birth plan should also have special instructions for the nurse and staff regarding who should be with you during the delivery as well as who you want to stay with the baby  should there be complications.

The Do’s of Pregnancy to empower the mother:

  • DO consider having a doula: A doula is your advocate during your  delivery and there job is making sure that your wishes are considered this is their primary responsibility. A doula will stay with you throughout the entire labor and delivery. A doula will provide emotional support and see to your physical comfort. For more information about doulas or to find one near you, talk to your doctor and visit the Web site of the Doula Association of North America at
  • DO rely on your family chiropractor: Chiropractors only don’t only treats back and neck pain, but many more women have discovered the benefits chiropractors can provide in terms of prenatal care. Preconception and prenatal chiropractic care for you can mean less morning sickness, less lower back pain and a shorter, more quality labor and delivery. More than that, chiropractic care supports the integrity of your pelvic function, which includes the uterus, the associated muscles and ligaments, and the interfacing of the nervous and hormonal systems, which is important for you and your baby. Also Consider it a way to help your baby to be a healthier infant if chiropractic
  • DO know that you have a choice between hospital birth and a home birth: Choosing to give birth at home, in a birthing center or in a hospital is definitely a decision that you should make with the help of people you trust and who are close to you. Today more women are choosing a home birth over a hospital birth. Women are choosing to give birth in the comfort of their own home with family and friends nearby, this is often less invasive and leads to less medical intervention unless absolutely necessary. Studies have shown women with planned home births have significantly less obstetrical interventions or adverse maternal outcomes, and that newborns delivered at home vs. in a hospital are less likely to require resuscitation, oxygen therapy or meconium aspiration after birth.
  • DO recognize your right to make decisions: After all this is your pregnancy and your baby, and you have the right to ask questions or to get second opinions when you are unsure about anything. You are in control! You should make your decisions based on information provided by those you trust. Remember that at every turn, you control what you allow during your pregnancy and delivery, and that at any time it is alright to say, “No,” and expect your decisions to be honored.

This is not about choosing to ignore medical advice and put you or your baby at risk; it’s about making decisions in conjunction with your health care team to have a safe, natural pregnancy.

By: Paul R. Mahler Jr. DC

Mahler Family Chiropractic Center Kingston, PA

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Chiropractic: Pregnancy and Care

Is chiropractic safe during pregnancy? (Also View This Post)

Chiropractic care has also been shown to improve the complications of pregnancy such as low back pain, leg pain, headaches, nausea, and breech presentation (using “Webster’s Technique”). Many family chiropractors have special equipment to accommodate pregnant patients all the way through their last trimester. After pregnancy CHIROPRACTIC care can also reduce symptoms of PMS by 32%-42%.

By: Paul R. Mahler Jr. DC
Mahler Family Chiropractic Center
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May be reproduced in whole only.
We can treat back pain  associated with pregnancy and it is safe including sciatica, disc, herniation,  slipped disc, stenosis, and much more.