Autistic spectrum disorders in children

Disorders related to the autistic spectrum are associated with changes in the physical, emotional, and chemical state of the patient. Autistic spectrum disorders in children and adults may have multiple causes. In this post I would like to address several questions about autistic spectrum disorders. Are autistic spectrum disorders a chiropractic condition? How can chiropractic help autistic spectrum disorders? Often chiropractic care… Read More Autistic spectrum disorders in children

Chiropractic: Sensory Processing Disorders in Children (SPD)

  Often it is asked, how can chiropractic help my special needs child? Chiropractic directly influences the functioning of the nervous system, and it is this connection that often helps children with special needs.The central nervous system acts as the master control system for the entire body, but this is a simplistic and basic answer. Since the central nervous system connects the brain… Read More Chiropractic: Sensory Processing Disorders in Children (SPD)